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How to create the back-end database on existing SQL Server

Use an SQL Server 2008, 2012 or 2014 with Mixed Mode Authentication or you need to setup permissions for Integrated Authentication: 

  1. Download the SQL create script

  2. The script performs the following necessary tasks: 

    Creates a database called eMailSignature.
    Creates necessary tables. 
    Inserts content into tables. 
    Creates login and access to the database. 
    Grants correct access to SQL user. 

  3. The script creates one database user called 'eMailSignature_Superuser' with password 'changemenow'. 
    Before executing the script you might want to change the password.
    You can also change the database user name, but then you need to make sure to replace in all respective places. 

  4. Open SQL Management Studio on the SQL Server you want to use.
    Click "New Query" in the Query Editor window, copy/paste the statement and execute the script: 

    If you don't have SQL Server Management Studio installed, then open a command prompt window. In the Command Prompt window, type: 
    sqlcmd -i C:sql_create_script.sql and press ENTER 

The eMailSignature back-end database is now created.

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