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Access database was discontinued by end of 2013 - What's next?

Access DB in no longer supported - Only SQL database is supported.
All version of SQL Server are supported including SQL Express editions - or you can push the operational IT work to us by moving to the cloud version.

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How to move to SQL database

  1. Connect the admin console to your Access DB and copy HTML source and template name (if you have many templates, you can copy to notepad and separate each template). 
  2. Create SQL database (4 min.) and connect > Step-by-step video.
  3. Create new template and copy HTML source (remember to use the same template name). 
  4. If you forgot anything, connect to your Access DB again and copy e.g. group and font settings. 
  5. Create test script and test OK manually (Status Monitor updates). 
  6. When all settings are OK and everything is working as expected, update your logon script or GPO. Now users will get settings from your SQL DB. 

How to move to SQL Express

How to move to SQL Azure database

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