Logging is disabled by default.
You will need logging if you are trouble shooting and we ask you to send us a log for mobile.

To do so, you will need to add a system.diagnostics section to EdgeTransport.exe.config

(use search, it is in your exchange server's bin directory).

Make sure to save existing config before editing!!!

Add the following, to EdgeTransport.exe.config::


<source name="EMSTransportAgent" switchName="SourceSwitch"
<remove name="Default"/>
<add name="tempFile"
traceOutputOptions="ProcessId, DateTime"/>
<add name="SourceSwitch" value="Verbose"></add>
<trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4"/>


Now replace "C:\TEMP\EMSTransportAgent.log" with your valid path.

This path must be accessible, by the NETWORK SERVICE system account, with WRITE Permissions.

The system.diagnostics section must be inside of the <configuration> section.

Add it to the end of the file, right before final <configuration> tag.
Now, restart the edgetransport service and you will now have logging.

Perform the tasks that Support suggested and then remove the log again, as soon as possible.