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v8.6.1 - Release Notes - 8th October 2012


  • Ability to sort for users who run in batch mode in the Status monitor. 
  • Notification if eMailSignature is running in batch mode. 
  • Ability to view signatures in BlackBerry Enterprise Server. 
  • Clear description of how many users the product is activated for. 
  • Now possible to leave the plain text editor font untouched. 
  • Preview of embedded images before inserting them. 
  • Description can now be changed and saved for field rules. 
  • Release license to support more than 30 days for release but not less. 
  • Rule-based deployment redesigned and contains many new possibilities. 
  • Marketing module can now run multiple campaigns in the same signature. 
  • When deleting a signature, it is now checked if it is already in use. 
  • Preview when copying a signature. 
  • New function $$REMOVEZERO for mobile, telephone and fax numbers in AD. 


  • When a user is deleted in Status Monitor the screen does not reset anymore and stays at the selected next user. 
  • FULL support for all languages also in preview and code view. 
  • Design view removed when in plain text mode edit. 
  • Double-buttons removed in RTF and plain text edit. 
  • Support for distibution lists when running in batch mode. 
  • Application title always visible with eMailsignature version number. 
  • Better log file messages when copying logos to Outlook. 
  • Editor for campaign module would in rare cases not be initialised. This is now corrected. 
  • When inserting a linked image, the landing page is always started with either http or https. 
  • Log file entries extended and better explained for easier troubleshooting. 
  • When collecting signatures, more messages and fixes, better status monitoring. 
  • Status monitor now shows all messages which was previously hidden. 
  • Better tip texts. 
  • Better error message if wrong AD fields have been added by mistake 
  • Image handling improved and redesigned. 
  • Check for un-allowed characters when copying a signature. 
  • When creating a new rule for rule-based deployment and no signatures are selected #initially, all signatures are now unchecked instead of checked. 
  • Account initials Field for testing Assistant module has been expanded. 


  • Save button enabled when managing embedded images. 
  • When new functions were applied ($$upper and $$lower) the correct information now apply to OWA signatures also. 
  • Fixed that assistant signatures will not always apply for database driven assistant signatures. 
  • BlackBerry module settings would sometimes not save. 
  • Assistant module would sometimes not save that the module is enabled. This is now fixed. 
  • Correction for writing to default account only. Would sometimes not work. 
  • Sometimes the log would stop in RTF if running in debug mode directly. This is now fixed. 
  • When setting up sign.exe to run in batch mode, it would not show all distribution lists. This is now fixed. 
  • Fixed problem in preview where it would show wrong information if field data were not present when previewing for other people. 
  • Fixed problem when merging in other fields in a field handler functions. 
  • vCards could sometimes show up blank. This is now fixed. 
  • Fixed strange behavior when selecting a new signature while in code view.

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