•  Added 'ruler' button to the editor. 
  • Added super and subscript buttons to editor. 
  • Added Mobile rule screen for administration of Mobile Module. 
  • When saving the signature preview, all formats (html, rtf txt) are saved if they have been designed. 
  • Now possible to edit the full html text including the by introducing editor options. 
  • Added function to force AD fields to lower case. 
  • Added function to force AD fields to upper case. 
  • Added target web page when inserting an image into signatures and campaigns. 
  • Insert link button added to the editor. 
  • Field handling works with preview (can be selected and deselected). 
  • Create individual campaigns which overrules group's and signature campaigns. 


  • When inserting function the field identifiers are removed (e.g. ((field)) inserted correctly). 
  • OWA screen closes after save. 
  • Preview screen made smaller to fit remote desktops. 
  • When saving OWA information the check for http has been improved for a check for http: 
  • Field functions can only be selected if a field is selected. 


  • AD Update stopped working after applying a new V8 license key. This is now fixed. 
  • PhoneBook could not update even though AD Update was licensed. This is now fixed. 
  • Insert linked image now inserts correctly into the signature. 
  • If you have many images to embed you might risk to loose the arrow letting you administer images. Now fixed. 
  • Max length of 64 bytes when updating PhoneBook with ADUpdate. 
  • Rule-based deployment would sometimes not open up even if licensed.