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v7.5.0 - Release Notes - 6th August 2011

TOP 5 Feature List

  •  Outlook 2010 fully supported in all languages. 
  • Full support for Arabic, Russian and other language signatures. 
  • Introduction of Alerts and Information in eMailSignature. 
  • OWA module enhancements. 
  • Conditional rules when deploying signatures in a large enterprise setup. 


  • Outlook 2010 now deploys correctly in all languages. 
  • Campaign groups improved and better validation. 
  • Problems saving ‘leave’ has been fixed. 
  • Not showing “Outlook 2010 beta” in status monitor anymore. 
  • Spelling errors corrected. 
  • Scroll bar in signature overview and campaign overview enabled. 
  • Status Monitor improved significantly. 
  • When not a member of an OU, the default signature for all applies. 
  • Issue with 30 day keys and trial footer fixed. 
  • New improved editor for HTML coding. 
  • Color coding of HTML tags including line numbers. 
  • Html validation in html code editor. 
  • 8 countries have been added to the $$COUNTRY list. 
  • Only super users can free up licenses in the Cockpit. 
  • Introduction of a limited marketing user for the Cockpit (IT items disabled for those users). 
  • Improved handling for individual signatures. 
  • Significant improvement for searching in the status monitor when there are thousands of users. 
  • List of users is not reset when signatures are changed for individual users. 
  • Easy access to Log file. 
  • AD groups are automatically validated when using group deployment. 
  • When OWA module is license, additional columns appear in Status monitor with status information for OWA. 
  • Added preview list of signatures for in Quick view bar. 
  • All problems fixed with case sensitivity. 
  • Debug message for vCard changed. 
  • Log corrected: When campaigns for groups are selected and it is not within the time span, then the log is now correct. 
  • Introduction of Alerts and Information in eMailSignature. 
  • Various improvements and enhancements.

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