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How to upgrade from 'classic' v9.x to v10.x (estimate a few minutes)

How to upgrade from v9.x - Release Notes


  • Upgrade eMailSignature.exe (the management console). 
  • Upgrade Sign.exe.
  • Copy and forward your license key to, and we'll return your upgraded license key with download instructions.

How to upgrade the management console


  • Install on top of your existing installation and it will upgrade automatically.
  • Copy/paste upgraded license key. 

How to upgrade Sign.exe


  • Copy Sign.exe file from the install folder to your NETLOGON share - or wherever you execute it:    
    C:\Program Files (x86)\eMailSignature\Sign.exe


How to verify upgrade OK 


  • The admin console and Status Monitor show latest version (Sign.exe column will show 1.0.00 which is v10).
  • Users will update the Status Monitor when they execute Sign.exe (typically during domain logon).

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